Farm Happenings at Millsap Farms
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Farm Happenings at Millsap Farms

Farm News July 29, 2022

Posted on July 29th, 2022
Hi Friends!  Curtis and some of his kids went north this week to enjoy the cooler weather of Michigan and to visit his brother's farm in the UP.  SO if you were waiting to hear about the third P - it will be coming next week :) I do want to take a minute and talk about tomatoes.  We1 read more »

The Three P's On Millsap Farms Happenings for July 26, 2022

Posted on July 22nd, 2022
First, a little housekeeping;  Please, if you have some of our gray plastic produce totes, please set them out for our delivery drivers this week!  We are a little short on totes on the farm...  Secondly, if you still have any workshare hours to sign up for, please follow this link&n1 read more »

Farm Happenings for July 19, 2022 The Three P's On Millsap Farm.

Posted on July 15th, 2022
First, a little housekeeping; we are constantly trying to find the balance between high quality produce and good use of resources.  As a result, at times we may send home produce that is less than perfect aesthetically.  We never intentionally send home produce that is less than excellent1 read more »

Peaches Have Arrived!!! Farm Happenings for July 12, 2022

Posted on July 8th, 2022
Good evening from the farm.   Well, the good news is that we haven't melted...  We're still out here getting it done, irrigating 24/7, killing weeds, and harvesting crops.  On the downside, this heat is definitely having an impact on the tomato production, as the fruit are ripen1 read more »

Farm Happenings for July 5, 2022

Posted on July 1st, 2022
We're winning the battle with weeds this week!  Every spring (officially until the 21st of June), the weeds tend to get ahead of us in a few areas, due to a combination of more energy going into crop establishment (planting tomatoes, seeding beans, etc...) rather than weed control, and often w1 read more »