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Welcome to Winter

Posted on November 12th, 2019 by Mericos Rhodes

Dear Spoon Full Farm Family: 

Welcome to the Winter CSA! And welcome, also, to you smart folks who ordered gift boxes of beef and/or lamb, for the holidays. We're excited and honored to bring you the best beef this side of the Rocky Mountains, each week. 

The Winter CSA makes drops on Sundays, and will typically arrive in three coolers: one full of frozen meat, one with pasture eggs, and one with Sun Sauce and Sun Tonic. Each cooler will have a group of labels on it, denoting which members have what. Take a look at the labels on each cooler to see if your goods are inside. In the meat cooler, each individual's share will be in a paper bag, with its owner's name written on it - so look for your name, and please take only that meat.

Feel free to customize your boxes! One request - if you didn't order a Lamb box, please don't swap lamb into your box. <3 

If you have any questions, please email :We'll take care of you. 

With Love,

Spoon Full Farmers