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Mint Gratitude

Posted on November 21st, 2019 by Mericos Rhodes

Dear Spoon Full Farm Family:

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are offering gratitude for the soil microbes on our farm - gratitude in the form of mint compost (composted leaves and stems of mint plants, after their essential oil has been pressed out). As the grass and trees go dormant in the cold, dim winter, the microbes in the soil slow down, but don't completely stop. Like us, many of them need to eat! 

That's why we're spreading compost, now. We like to time it with the decomposing leaves, because the principle of biomimicry serves us well. We like the idea of soil microbiology continuing to thrive, and store carbon, in the winter months. And we're also doing science: we'll test how the compost stimulates soil carbon storage, and test control areas where we won't spread the compost, in the same field. 

In this way, your meat CSA orders, as they support our farm, also support cutting-edge climate science. In particular, you're helping us test whether rotational grazing and compost application practices represent a vital tool in our kit to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. If so, then we as a species should scale up these farm practices. 

Please let us know how you are enjoying the meat, so far. You can email us any time:

With love,

Spoon Full Farmers