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Last CSA of 2019

Posted on December 16th, 2019 by Curtis Millsap

Merry almost Christmas! 

This is the last CSA share of 2019. We have enjoyed farming for you this year, and are grateful for a good season.  We plan to send out weekly availability e-mails, based on what we have available, allowing you to purchase online, starting around mid January.  Between now and then, we'll be ordering seeds, planning for the season, splitting lots of firewood, visiting other farmers, travelling, exploring the hills and hollows of the Ozarks, and reading books by the fire. We'll also still be attending the Farmers Market of The Ozarks every Saturday from 9-1, so if you need some fresh veggies, you can catch up to us there, or at the farm in our self-serve farm stand. 

We have a few more extras for sale that usual, including lots of great fermented products, and some incredible Swedish Christmas breads made by Emma and Anna Millsap (the Cardamon loafs and Tea Rings make a fantastic gift for teachers and co-workers), and an opportunity to stock up on sweet potatoes and butternut squash, which will hold really well on your kitchen counter. 

We'll be in touch, keep your eyes on your e-mail; we'll be renewing shares sometime in January, and we'll give you a couple weeks notice before we do it. 

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and we'll see you soon.


Curtis and Sarah, Kimby, and the rest of the crew.