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Slowing down at the farm

Posted on December 9th, 2019 by Kimberly Decker

We are starting to slow down here on the farm; the weather is cooling, the plantings are all getting harvested, we're removing covers, stakes, weed barriers, drip line, and all the other materials from the fields, organizing, cleaning, and storing them.  The fields are empty, which is our cue to start prepping them for next year by adding compost to the bed tops, wood chips to the paths, and amendments to the soil.  Meanwhile, inside, we're inventorying seed, evaluating crops from this year, and laying plans for next year.  We like to get our seeds ordered by the first of the year, so we don't have backorders, and can start plants in a timely way, beginning in January.  At the same time, while there's plenty to do, we are starting to have a little more time to work on infrastructure, like organizing and renovating the shop, repairs to greenhouses, heating system repairs, etc.  It's a satisfying time of year, when it starts to feel like we've made it full circle, and we can look back at a successful season with gratitude and thankfulness.  I hope you have time this season to reflect back on the year, and consider what a great blessing it is to our farm that you have been a member this year. 


Farmer Curtis