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Farm News for May 26, 2020

Posted on May 21st, 2020 by Curtis Millsap

We are now well started into the season; the first two weeks are always a little rough, getting mistakes fixed in the scheduling of shares, figuring out the best systems with new folks on the crew, and other details.  But now we have settled in, and have also had some glorious weather to get things growing!  This week our supply of zucchini and cucumbers is increasing a bit; next week I would expect much more.  Asparagus is also increasing a bit, so hopefully we'll continue to see more of it for the next couple of weeks.    We have lots of green tomatoes, and are probably a few weeks away from our first cherry tomatoes.  

Meanwhile, lots of great salad ingredients, excellent herbs, garlic scapes, and other seasonal delicacies.   One note, you may possibly be getting more radishes than you're used to eating; if so, here's a couple of farm favorite ways to prepare them; we love shredded radishes mixed into butter and spread on toast! and we also love them boiled, buttered, and salted, like you would potatoes.  Both recipes remove almost all of the spicyness, while leaving the nutty and sweet parts of the radish to be enjoyed. 

scallions and salanova lettuce

I hope you're getting out and enjoying this delightful weather we've had this week, and we'll see you on Tuesday.  


Farmer Curtis