Farm Happenings at Persephone Market Garden
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Farm Happenings at Persephone Market Garden

Week 16 -- Happy Hens

Posted on September 27th, 2021
Earlier this summer, my brother gave us an old trailer base and helped us build a mobile hen house. Since July, the girls have been enjoying their days on pasture. About once per week, we use the tractor to move their house to fresh pasture. Our flock includes a colourful mix of breeds, including R1 read more »

Week 15 -- TOMATOES

Posted on September 20th, 2021
It's tomato time! The roma/paste/plum tomatoes are at their peak this week. If you want to put any up for winter, now is the time! They are available in 5lb and 10lb bags. Monday looks to be the last summery day for the season. Just in time too, with autumn arriving on the equinox on the 21st! But1 read more »

Week 14 -- late summer meets early autumn

Posted on September 12th, 2021
As I was walking through the garden this past week, checking on crops, I encountered this snake. It seems she had just had a big meal! I often think that this time of the year, in the garden, is best . The weather is cooler, the crickets are singing intensely, sometimes geese or cranes fly ove1 read more »

Week 13 -- Happy Labour Day

Posted on September 6th, 2021
I hope you have enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer! Are you experiencing new beginnings this week? We sure are! Marilla is off to school and so very excited! So my head is more focused on coordinating new routines, assembling school gear and preparing for school lunches, than it is focused1 read more »