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Week 13 -- Happy Labour Day

Posted on September 6th, 2021 by Kristine Hammel

I hope you have enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer!

Are you experiencing new beginnings this week? We sure are! Marilla is off to school and so very excited! So my head is more focused on coordinating new routines, assembling school gear and preparing for school lunches, than it is focused on the garden!

But here is an update on our amaranth trial. This year, we are collaborating with about an half dozen other farmers to test 4 varieties of amaranth. We would like to find varieties that are suited to growing in Ontario for grain. Have you ever tried amaranth? It's a tiny seed and actually a complete protein (unlike cereals like wheat). You pop amaranth much like corn and then you can add it to grind it for flour or I like to add it to my granola. The picture shows variety of amaranth that has grown nicely and is now so top heavy that it got a bit beaten down during a recent heavy rain shower.

We're expecting a lot of rain showers this week! We'll see what we manage to do other than harvest!