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Week 14 -- late summer meets early autumn

Posted on September 12th, 2021 by Kristine Hammel

As I was walking through the garden this past week, checking on crops, I encountered this snake. It seems she had just had a big meal!

I often think that this time of the year, in the garden, is best . The weather is cooler, the crickets are singing intensely, sometimes geese or cranes fly overhead, and the colours are starting to show in the trees. The tomatoes are still bountiful, the sweet peppers are just ripening and the first crops of autumn are appearing, like turnips, cabbage and cauliflower. After the intensity of summer, these days of abundance, combined with a slower pace, are very welcome! These days, we are tidying beds that got ahead of us in August and seeding cover crops. The cover crops will nourish and protect the soil in the autumn and then be killed by the cold of winter. So the beds will be ready for planting in early spring. Our mixture this year includes oats, field peas, fava beans and daikon radish.

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