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Week 7 -- What happened to July?

Posted on July 28th, 2020 by Kristine Hammel

What a relief this morning! Cooler temperatures after a wonderful rain, late yesterday afternoon. What a difference the two together make!  What seemed impossible yesterday, can be done today.

Here we are in week 7 of the CSA season. July has flown past -- a blur of harvesting, planting, watering newly planted crops, pruning & trellising, Colorado potato beetles and lots of hot weather. August 1st marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. While there is lots to plant in August, the feeling is generally more relaxed. The days are getting shorter, the sun slightly less intense and there is usually more rain in August -- and that makes all our work growing food much easier!

There is a sense of relief at the end of July and a slight sense of panic -- the summer is going by so quickly. All the more reason to enjoy mornings that aren't scorching hot and get to the beach to cool down in the evenings.

The tomatoes are just starting and will be appearing in shares next week. Peppers aren't far behind. The cucumbers are starting this week. Beans and beets continue, as do lots of herbs, lettuce and summer squash. Frisee and radicchio are there for folks that love' em. Summer leek is here! We're hoping for summer broccoli soon.

Have a great week!