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Week 8 -- August 4th

Posted on August 3rd, 2020 by Kristine Hammel

Rain, rain, wonderful rain.

Did we ever get a soaker of a rain on Sunday! The pond level is up substantially and I think everything in the garden grew overnight. It is looking lush out there.

The wildflowers are blooming around the pond! The pond was dug last autumn -- for habitat/biodiversity, temperature moderation (like a hot water bottle for the garden during spring/fall frosts), and as a back up for irrigation. Early in November, as the first snow was flying, Julie and Claire from Rooted by the Bluffs and Ontario Flora, spent a day planting lots of different native flowers, shrubs and grasses. And they are growing and blooming. Plus lots of frogs are swimming in the pond. We are enjoying watching the pond and surroundings evolve and grow.

This is the first week of tomatoes! We grow more than 10 different kinds of tomatoes, from little cherry and grapes, to big paste tomatoes for canning. Look for several options in your shares over the coming weeks.

Farm tours...curious about where your vegetables are coming from? Come to the farm on Thursdays at 2:45 pm (August 13, 20, 27) for a tour of the market garden. Parking in the market garden (turn into the field at the tire filled with sunflowers). Please reserve your spot by email ( Looking forward to seeing you!