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Farm Happenings for February 12, 2019

Posted on February 7th, 2019 by Kimberly Decker

Hi CSA Friends!

We have had some crazy weather! Other than massive plant confusion (is it spring? is it summer? is it winter? do we grow? do we make flowers? what's going on??), things are going well on the farm.  We have some yummy veggies stored in our coolers and some yummy greens fresh harvested from the plastic protected tunnels and some beautiful flowers opening in the greenhouse.

Opening and closing tunnels and covering and uncovering beds of plants with row cover are activities we've been spending a lot of time doing this past month.  Seed starting for the next season's vegetables happens now too - kale, lettuce, celery and carrots are all preparing for spring and we have our first round of tomato babies growing in the greenhouse! 

Just a reminder - Summer CSA sign ups are happening now.


We are happy to be farming for you!

-Kimby and the rest of the crew at Millsap Farms