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Farm Happenings for December 13, 2022

Posted on December 13th, 2022 by Kimberly Decker

Attention! This weekend your shares happen like normal - next week shares come early! You will be getting more specific info this Friday/Saturday!

Winding down the season and the farm is a full time job this time of year.  Cleaning up all the fields, gathering sprinklers, fabric, insect netting, stakes, hoses, hoops, and all the other misc. paraphernalia that accumulates over the extended growing season.  Additionally, we spread hundreds of tons of compost, leaves, wood chips, and cover crop seeds, so we are positioned to start the season with a bang, without having to wait for good weather in the late winter or early spring.  And of course, we are still harvesting, washing, sorting, and distributing hundreds of CSA shares a week.  It's the time of the year when the short days seem too brief for all that we want to squeeze into them, but perhaps there is a mercy in that as well, because there is a natural slowing of the pace, before the big break of January.  

Speaking of breaks, lots of members have asked about the winter plans, and here's what I know right now; the final CSA share will be the 21st of December.  We usually start offering online ordering around the first of February, which will be a Tuesday email, with a chance to order until Thursday afternoon, and weekend pickup or delivery options. I'm taking my family on a road trip during January, but there will be a skeleton crew here on the farm, and they may be able to bring vegetables to market a couple of weekends in January, we'll see.  We'll be renewing memberships at the end of January, and we are currently thinking we'll shrink our CSA a bit for 2023, to allow us to spend a little more time hosting students and other visitors to the farm, so be sure to get signed up ASAP when we open the signups, because we will likely sell out before the 2023 season begins. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the veggies, fruit, and meat, and I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm weather as much as we are.  I've particularly enjoyed the foggy, overcast days, as they are such a fun change from our long, sunny, hot summer.   

Thank you for choosing us to be your farmers,

Farmer Curtis and the crew.