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Farm Happenings for December 6, 2022

Posted on December 2nd, 2022 by Curtis Millsap

Sorry, late night harvest estimate this Friday, we've been a bit busy around here, farming and otherwise.  It was an extra busy week with Kimby on vacation, and Jennae moving to Topeka to start her own farm, and the time seems to just slip by even faster when there are fewer of us.  That said, it was a week of pretty nice weather overall, with decent growth of crops, and even a few opportunities to work on longer term projects, like a new concrete slab at the farmstand, to expand our outdoor washing space, and possibly provide a floor for a new walk-in cooler at some point in the future.  We're starting to feel the approach of the end of the season; the last CSA distribution will be the last week before Christmas.   It's time to start focussing on the cro plan for 2023, including evaluation of this season (not enough tomatoes, could have. used more carrots), and adapting the plan for the future.  It's a fun process in some ways, and a good opportunity to reflect on the state of the farm.  More on that in coming weeks.  Meanwhile, I hope you've been able to enjoy a little sunshine in the last week, and that you are enjoying the fresh veggies and fruit coming your way.  


Farmer Curtis