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Summer is hanging on...

Posted on September 10th, 2021 by Kimberly Decker

It is the summer’s great last heat,
It is the fall’s first chill: They meet.

–Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

Welcome to the last ten days of Summer!  Autumn will officially start at the equinox, which falls on the 22nd of September this year.  Between now and then we expect to see a cooling (please oh please), and noticeably shorter days...  So enjoy the last of the heat; creek swimming, evening walks, porch sitting, and pool time.  We are still getting tomatoes (although not in the quantities of July and August), eggplant, bell peppers, and tons of other heat lovers, but we also have the first sweet potatoes in shares this week, which are a hot weather crop, but late harvested. 

Keep you eyes out for Fall Season Extension information in the next week; we're going to extend the season until the week before Christmas, and we'll be auto-renewing shares, unless you have that option disabled.  We'll send a dedicated email when the season extension is up on the store.  Meanwhile, just be aware it's coming, and keep an eye on your inbox.  

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't extend my utmost gratitude and thankfulness to Kimby, Karissa, Jennae, Madalynne, Isaiah, Hunter, David, Kevin, Collin, Chelsea, Sarah S., Dan, Kyle, Marissa, and the rest of the farm crew that made it possible to take my family on a lifetime adventure to Alaska for the past two weeks, at a time of year when there is so much to do.  They really worked hard, worked smart, and kept the farm on the right track.  I'm so grateful to have a farm family that is willing to serve in this way.  We had a spectacular trip, cruising around the mountains and Fjords of Alaska in a big ole R.V., all 11 of us, plus my mother-in-law, Brother and Sister-in-Law, and niece and nephew.  We had an amazing adventure climbing mountains, combing beaches, fishing, riding ferries, and generally being astonished at the beauty and glory of the part of Creation we call Alaska.  

Thanks for choosing us to be your farmers.  

Curtis and the Crew.