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Farm Happenings for August 24, 2021

Posted on August 20th, 2021 by Kimberly Decker

Good evening from the farm.  It's been a busy few weeks on the farm, with personnel changes, vacation times, and a lot of planting to get done for fall...  We're excited to see the fall crops getting a good start, and while the temperatures are still pretty intense, the shorter days and cooler nights help with crop health (and farmer mental health too!).  The Caterpillars are also excited about our fall crops, and so the battle is on to keep them from getting eaten, and of course the rabbits would also love to eat baby carrot tops and tender lettuce transplants...  But that's just part of the deal. 

My family will be heading north at the end of this coming week, for a long hoped for trip to Alaska!  We will have our phones, but I'm not sure how much we'll really have signal, so if you have urgent CSA related issues between August 27 and September 11, email, or text Kimby at 8596295375.  

We are absolutely swimming in tomatoes, so please take this opportunity to can, freeze, sauce, salsa, and other tomatoey things.  Also, this is probably the last week for peaches in the fruit share, so enjoy them, and look forward to grapes.  

Thanks for choosing us to be your farmers,