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Farm Happenings for August 25, 2020

Posted on August 21st, 2020 by Kimberly Decker

This week Kimby the farm manager returned from a ten day vacation (we all breathed a sigh of relief).  One of the joys of working with a multi-talented, diverse, and experienced team, is that we can take time away from the farm.  This is really important for maintaining our enthusiasm, joy, and energy for the work we do.  Especially during the very hot or very cold days, when the weather seems to make everything a bit harder, uncomfortable, and monotonous.  All of here ont the farm enjoy travelling, and getting out in the outdoors, so it's part of our comittment to one another that we encourage taking at least four, as much as six weeks of vacation a year.  For me and Kimby, it's a vital mental and family health practice; if we don't get away, it's too easy to just keep working on the farm all the time; there is always something to do, and it's always right in front of us... of course, we love what we do as well, so it often doesn't feel like a problem, but our respective spouses and children don't necessarily always feel that way...  So off we go, to see different sites, explore different maps, and have new adventures, with our loved ones by our sides.  It's a true gift to know that although one of us will be off the farm, the farm will keep on keepin' on, with a wonderful team and a clear mission, and when we return we can give someone else the gift of refreshment, recreation, and vacation.  So here's to working hard and playing hard, being rooted and spreading you wings, and living a balanced life! 

Thanks for choosing us to be your farmers,