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Farm Happenings for June 26, 2020

Posted on June 24th, 2020 by Kimberly Decker

Good afternoon from the farm.  As we are in the middle of a busy week, full of seeding (squash, edamame, sunflowers, lettuce), weeding (everything), and harvesting (onions, garlic, carrots, letuce, tomatoes, flowers and more flowers), I'm reflecting on the future of small farms.  We had a twilight walk last Wednesday, where I toured future farmers around our fields for two hours, highlighting our weed control practices, and I had the joy of hosting a group of beginning farmers from Springfield Community Gardens for an hour last Friday, and we hosted a large family with market garden aspirations for the week, all while working alongside our wonderful intern crew.  As we share our farm with these folks, I'm struck by how exciting the future of small farms is in the Ozarks; I truly believe that we are the vanguard of a movement that will see dozens of small produce farms growing around Springfield, hundreds in the Ozarks region, and hundreds of thousands around the United States.  This makes me happy, because I think this work we do is important, rewarding, and key to building a resilient future food system.  So thank you for supporting us as we raise your food, and raise up the next generation of small farmers.

With a Grateful Heart,

Farmer Curtis