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Construction On The Farm

Posted on July 14th, 2018 by Curtis Millsap

Image may contain: sky, shoes, bridge and outdoor been busy building on the farm this month. Those who pickup on the farm have seen as we poured concrete, tore the old roof off our walk-in cooler, erected reclaimed poultry barn trusses, and topped it off with insulation and metal roofing. We’re adding more cold storage area, which is a need we’ve had for a few years, along with more space for washing veggies and totes. The progress in the past couple weeks has been exciting, as we’ve finally moved past the planning stage into the making it happen stage. Meanwhile, of course, the crops still have to be seeded, watered, weeded, harvested, and sent off the farm, either to you all, or to the farmers market or restaurants.   So it’s been super busy, hot, but productive. The big picture is that by increasing our cold storage we can waste less time each week playing cooler Tetris, which means more time for raising crops, hanging out with our families, and even travelling.   The addition is an example of focusing our efforts somewhere we can see an obvious benefit, and we’ll be really glad when we complete it and can stop constructing for a while.