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New stuff happening on the farm! June 18, 2019

Posted on June 14th, 2019 by Kimberly Decker

Greetings from the farm.  Three things we want to mention today;

First, if you bring back your pint and quart green boxes - we will reuse them! Also if you have an egg share, Bechard Family farms will reuse their egg cartons (but only theirs). If you have ideas on how we can use less disposable plastics and waste while packing your veggies, let us know!

Second, we are starting a new thing this week called Harvie Farmstand; this means that those of you who are not currently CSA members are able to purchase shares on an availability basis.  When we have enough vegetables to offer above and beyond our regular membership, you will be able to purchase a share of our veggies.  This works the same as the Harvie CSA shares, where you will be assigned a share based on your preferences, and will then have an opportunity to swap in and out of your box, and even purchase as many of the extras as you want. (Hosting a salsa party this summer? purchase a salsa pack! wanting to make some home made pickles?  purchase an extra 5 lbs of Cucumbers).  We're excited about the farmstand idea, as it should give the farm an outlet for our surplus, and give you all more opportunities to purchase high quality excellent produce.

Thirdly, we have created another option for picking up your CSA share; you can now have your share packed on Friday, as we are prepping for Farmer's Market, and then we'll put it in the walk-in cooler, for you to pickup at your convenience anytime from 5pm on Friday to Sunday evening.  This option is free, and we hope it fits for those of you who have a hard time making it to a weekday pickup. This option will be available starting next week, June 21. 



Curtis and the farm crew!