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Winter CSA update

Posted on December 12th, 2019 by Justina Soltys

Dear Spoon Full Farm Family,

Between building a new greenhouse, interviewing candidates for our 2020 garden apprenticeship, and taking good care of the animals, there are lots of wintry things happening here at the farm. There is also a new (but not so new) member joining the Spoon Full Farm team this month, and she is writing this farm happening right now.

Hi! My name is Justina Soltys. 

If you were a part of our 2019 Summer CSA, you may remember me from an introduction post as Spoon Full’s 2019 garden intern, which I wrote many moons ago. Or you may remember me from my occasional appearance on Spoon Full’s Instagram feed or from the farmer’s market. Either way,  let me very briefly introduce myself, in my new role at Spoon Full Farm.

I spent last summer tending to the garden here, gaining confidence as a farmer. Not being able to let go of this place and the people I connected with, on the farm and at the farmer’s market, I accepted a position as community grower, ultimately taking over Mericos position as “community grower” at Spoon Full Farm. 

Within my realm of duties as Spoon Full’s newest community grower, one of my responsibilities is corresponding with, serving, and getting to know our beloved CSA members. That’s you! And so, from now on I’ll be administering the winter CSA. Going forward, if you have any questions or concerns about your winter CSA share (or would like to gush over recipes using our meat/eggs), please feel free to get in touch with me at or call/text me at 973-461-9808. 



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