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2020 Apprentice, Laura.

Posted on September 11th, 2020 by Justina Soltys

Dear Spoon Full Farm Family, 

It's Week 14 of the Spoon Full CSA! We love bringing you delicious produce (and more) each and every week, and this week is no different. This week, we're featuring a farm happening written by one of our remarkable apprentices, Laura. Our apprentices are all so crucial in bringing you produce each and every week, and we're excited to be able to share her perspective:  

"Hi! I’m Laura, one of the apprentices at Spoon Full Farm this season. I’m a newcomer to garden life but grew up on a hay and livestock farm near Spokane, WA. I came to Spoon Full with a love of plants and the desire to learn more about bringing life back to the soil. I arrived at farming as a career in a very roundabout fashion; despite growing up on a farm and (mostly) loving it, I was headed down the path of conservation work, believing that was the best way I could help heal the land. After initially learning about carbon sequestration through agricultural practices, and many rabbit holes later, I made the decision to begin farming and in it I have found my calling. And the best part is, I get to provide nutritious food for people while doing work that I love. In the future I plan to care for the farm I grew up on with a focus on animal husbandry, as well as a small garden where I can utilize all the skills I have gained over my season here. I am most content in the garden picking away at weeds while listening to an audiobook or harvesting.

As for the happenings around the farm, we are continuing to see and feel the slow descent into autumn (us farmers seem to have a penchant for talking about the weather). The trees along the river are beginning to hint at the change of colors that will soon light up the farm, mornings are beginning to feel a bit sleepier, and the most recent session of pre-harvest porch yoga was moved indoors after a particularly chilly night. Fear not though, another week of 90 degree temperatures await us and the bounty of summer is continuing on. We’ll be harvesting away, reveling in the last of true summer hear, and taking a few more turns on the slip-n-slide before we are ready to let go of summer and dig into autumn (in a very literal sense, as the potatoes will begin coming out of the ground this week--a sure sign of the changing season)."

Wishing you good health,

Your Spoon Full Farmers