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Week 13 -- New projects

Posted on September 11th, 2023 by Kristine Hammel

Hope your back to school week (if you are doing that these days) was as smooth as possible!

Lots to choose from this week! Along with tomatoes, herbs and leafy greens, we've got delicious little, red snacking peppers and broccoli. And more.

A new project we've been working on this summer is learning to grow native flowers. It has been a fun adventure and we now have swamp milkweed, lanceleaf coreopsis, wild bergamont, blue lobelia, black-eyed Susan's and smooth beard tongue. Have any gaps in  your gardens that need filling? These would make a great addition -- nourishing you with their beauty and lots of pollinators with their flowers. We will have these available for purchase in October.

In the meantime, get inspired by coming out to see the film "Regenerating Life – How to cool the planet, feed the world, and live happily ever after" by John Feldman.

Regenerate Grey Bruce will host three viewings of the film, in  partnership with Eat Local Grey Bruce, Owen Sound Field Naturalists, National Farmers Union Local 344 (Grey), and supported by the Greenbelt Foundation, they will show the film on the following dates:

Owen Sound, Library

Oct 12, 7-9pm.   

Part I&II, Q&A with Dr. Thorsten Arnold 

Southampton, Bruce County Museum  

Oct 14, 7-10pm 

Full film, Q&A with Dr. Thorsten Arnold and Dr. Timothy Dixon

Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre  

Oct 18, 7-10pm

Full film, Q&A with Dr. Thorsten Arnold and Dr. Timothy Dixon

Owen Sound, Library

Oct 26, 7-9pm     

Part III, plus farmer panel on “Food System for Cool Climate Landscapes”.

Kristine Hammel, Regenerative farmer at Persephone Market Garden, Director with Eat Local Grey Bruce, MSc in Organic Food Chain Management.

Brenda Hsueh, Regenerative farmer at Black Sheep Farm,  Farmers for Climate Solutions, Financial Analyst.  

Regenerating Life takes an ecological approach to unravelling the climate crisis. It challenges the prevailing idea that carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are the only cause of this crisis and offers a new narrative. In three parts, this documentary miniseries proposes that it is humankind’s relentless destruction of the natural world that has substantially contribute to the climate crisis. This is because nature – the vast biodiversity that exists on our planet – regulates and balances Earth’s climate. In consequence, he warns us that any policies and actions directed to greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide removal alone will be insufficient to curbing the climate crisis. But he also broadens our perspective on climate actions in ways that can give true hope. Regenerating Life invites audiences to rethink their assumptions about climate change and humankind’s relationship to nature. The film concludes with one simple ask: to #RethinkEverything.