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Week 5

Posted on July 13th, 2020 by Kristine Hammel

Well last week sure was scorching hot and dry. Thank goodness for a wee bit of rain on Friday and some cooler, cloudy days. We're hoping for a bit more rain this week, as we only had enough to wet the dust so far. Keep your fingers crossed, please.

July is the second planting season. This week on the to-do list: seed 6 beds of fall carrots and start planting the fall brassicas. Brassicas are a family of plants and include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and many more. Right now the greenhouse is full of brassica transplants and we need to get them planted and established this month. There will be more next month, but that is usually easier, because of the cooler and moister weather typical for August. This first round is during the peak of summer and needs a little support to get started, which includes soaking everything in and setting up irrigation, if we don't get some rain shortly.

The second week of farm camp is also rolling this week -- three separate cohorts of kids are set up around the farm. They are enjoying time outside, seeing the livestock and having the chance to play with each other, after months of isolation at home. Both our kids, one very extroverted and one more introverted, are really enjoying the time with friends. Camp brings a wonderful energy to the farm -- lots of happy voices and bodies, even when the day's activities might include a snake funeral.

This weekend, Oskar and Marilla and I harvested our first flowers from the field. It's an experiment. Marilla loves flowers and making bouquets, so I decided to start a bunch of annuals and plant them in wit the veggies. They are cheery while we are working in the field and we had a great Sunday morning picking flowers and making lots of bouquets. Who knows, maybe next year we'll offer flowers, alongside the veg.

Hope you have a great week!