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Winter/Spring CSA Week 11 - April 26

Posted on April 20th, 2023 by Amy Philson

What beautiful spring days we are having!  Your farmers are busy planting seeds, getting gardens ready, caring for new chicks, and all the other work that is so urgent on warm spring days.  Our farms are abuzz with activity from sunup to sundown...and beyond some days.

After some time off and being out of town, I'm working hard to get our LocalLine site up and running.  It takes sooo much extra time to move from one site to a new one, but we hope you will be happy with the move.  Because of the money we're saving on software management, we will be able to offer most of our products this year at the same prices as last year.  I'm hoping to send out an email early next week with sign-up info for summer.  

This Week's Features

It's ramp season!  Our delicious wild garlic/onion cousin is only available for a short time in the spring.  We've increased the size of our bundles from 1/3 lb. to 1/2 lb. this year.  Ramps are available this week from Bushel & a Peck Farm and Raber Farm.

Mushrooms!  Shiitakes from Raber Farm and Lions Mane, Blue Oysters, and King Trumpets from Full Moon Mushrooms.

Egg noodles from Detweiler Farm are back.  Made with their fresh eggs, these dried noodles will add lots of flavor to your noodle dishes.

Lollo lettuce joins bibb lettuce in our veggie department from Harmony Grove Farm for more variety in your salads.

Four hummus flavors this week!

Farm Happenings

Bushel & a Peck Farm:  Because I never remember to take photos, just a pic of our sauteed ramps from dinner a few nights ago.  I sauteed the bulbs in avocado oil with salt and pepper, then added the chopped greens at the end.  After the greens were just wilted, I added a splash of ume plum vinegar to make the nutrition in the greens more bioavailable.  Simple and delicious.  Our favorite way to eat ramps is sauteed and served alongside eggs.  We can't get enough of these in the spring!  Now go add some to your cart.


Here are 27 Wild Ramp recipes to choose from!

Since eggs are still plentiful, how about a simple egg drop soup on a chilly spring day?  You can even use ramps in place of the green onions and spinach!

Have a great week!  And be sure to look for the Summer sign-up email coming soon.