Farm Happenings at NWPA Growers Co-op
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Farm Happenings at NWPA Growers Co-op

Winter CSA Week 3

Posted on December 31st, 2020
While most of us are happy to leave 2020 behind and move on to a better year, our small farms had a great growing year overall.  But we will continue to improve to bring you even better farm products.  We are busy planning our crops for next season and ordering seeds.  Even though mo1 read more »

Winter CSA Week 2

Posted on December 10th, 2020
It's time for Week 2 of Winter CSA!  If you signed up late and are just starting CSA this week, you will want to read last week's blog post with Winter CSA info.  Or if you didn't read it then since it was Thankgsgiving weekend, you might want to do so now. It's the dark days of December,1 read more »