Farm Happenings at NWPA Growers Co-op
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Farm Happenings at NWPA Growers Co-op

Mother's Day Farm Box

Posted on April 25th, 2021
NWPA Growers has released a NEW Mother’s Day brunch box.  Place an order before May 2 at 4 PM to secure yours today!  Let’s let the super mom’s of the world know how much we appreciate them! We've curated the cream of the crop - eggs from Detweiler Farm and Bushel and a1 read more »

Spring CSA Week 3 - April 28

Posted on April 22nd, 2021
What a weather roller coaster we've been on lately!  We have been fluctuating from shielding our seedlings from excessive heat and sunshine while they're still young and tender to protecting them from freezing temperatures and snow...some days several times back and forth throughout the day!&n1 read more »

Spring CSA Week 2 April 14

Posted on April 8th, 2021
Can you see the baby praying mantids?  Harmony Grove Farm uses beneficial insects to help control aphids and other insects in their greenhouses.  Monty snapped a pic of the praying mantis egg sac in the midst of hatching today.  The mantids and lady beetles will hang out in their gre1 read more »