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If you want to support your local farm and eat healthy but cannot commit to a full farm share season, you can use the farm stand to purchase one time shares and additional farm products. Once you sign up, you’ll continue to receive notifications when we have one-time shares available.

About us

NWPA Growers is a cooperative of farms operating in the rich agricultural landscape of Northwest Pennsylvania that produce vegetables, fruits, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, maple, honey, and more!    

Our farmers are dedicated to sustainability and all grow organically or naturally.
- No chemical pesticides/herbicides
- No chemical fertilizers
- No GMO's  

Working together, we can provide our communities with a greater choice of quality farm products, growing a vibrant local food economy in western Pennsylvania.

CSA Week 8 July 28-29

Posted on July 22nd 2021 by Amy Philson

This week marks the 1/3 mark of this season's CSA.  Here are some new items this week (limited quantities, so they may not be in your box): tomatoes from Detweiler Farm green peppers from Detweiler Farm purple kale from Grateful Life Farm red cabbage from Spur Hollow Farm We just received a new shipment from Wild for Salmon.  They... read more »

Arugula, HG
Basil CD
Beets GT
Bok Choy
Cabbage CD
Collard Greens
Cucumber, CD
Eggplant, Italian
Green Beans CD
Peppers, Sweet
Broccoli Raab
Brussel Sprouts
Baby Rainbow Chard, HG
Bulb Fennel GT
Bibb Lettuce HG
Paste Tomatoes
Premium Salad Mix, GT
Peas, Sugar Snap
Tomatoes, Sungold Cherry, CD
Sweet Corn CD
Peppers, Hot
Yellow Storage Onions
Potatoes, White YC
Squash, Summer
Garlic Scapes
Salad Greens, GT
Leaf Fennel, BP
Squash, Acorn
Sweet Potato
Water Cress
Hakurei Turnips GT
Squash, Kabocha
Squash, Delicata
Beet Greens
Eggplant, Asian
Bell Peppers, Green
Bell Peppers, Colored
Peas, Snow CD
Peppers, Jalapeno
Stir Fry Mix
Peppers, Sweet Banana
Paw Paws
Peppers, Inferno
Potatoes, Red
Potatoes, Purple
Mushrooms, Shiitake
BP Maple Syrup
Jerusalem Artichoke
Eggs, BP
Micro Greens HG
Green Tomatoes
Cabbage, Napa
Mustard Greens
Squash Blossoms
Broccoli Leaves
Daikon Radish
Spicy Salad Greens, GT
Zucchini HB
Turnip Greens
Squash, Spaghetti
Braising Greens
Ground Cherries
Squash, Butternut
Asian Greens, HG
Greenhouse Tomatoes
Red Onions
Japanese Garlic Chives, HG
Asparagus, MF
Ground Beef, MF
Country French Levain Bread
CC Feta Cheese
Cantaloupe, CD
Pork Sausage, loose
Baked Goods
Apple Cider
Whole Turkey
Jarred Hot Peppers, CRO
CRO Original Salsa
Arugula, GT
Cutting Celery, HG
Butter, CD
Artichoke GT
Red Cabbage SH
Pickling Cucumbers, CD
Head Lettuce
Candy Onions CD
Potatoes, Gold
Heirloom Tomatoes
Mushrooms, Oyster
Mushrooms, Shiitake 1/4lb
Mushrooms, Oyster
CD White Potatoes 2lb
Sugar Pea Shoots, HG
MF Ground Beef
Eggs, CD
EL Shiitake Mushrooms 1/4lb
Popcorn, JB
Blueberry Muffins, DB
Red Stem Mizuna, HG
Head Lettuce, HG
Almond Biscotti/5, DB
Pepperoni Rolls, DB
Honey 8oz, HB
Honey 2lb, HB
Maple Syrup pt
BP White Potatoes, 2lb
Maple Syrup qt
BP Red Potatoes, 2lb
Red Pac Choi, HG
Pittsburgh Nut Roll, DB
English Muffin Bread, DB
Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, DB
Barese greens, HG
Koji greens, HG
Honey 1lb, HB
HH Ground Beef
MS Pork Country Sausage
Scallions, GT
Leeks, GT
Shungiku (Japanese chrysanthemum), HG
MS Pork Medium Sausage
Spinach, HG
Oak Leaf Lettuce, HG
Lollo Lettuce, HG
Chewy Lemon Cookies, DB
Spinach GT
Ramps, ER
Mushrooms, Shiitake, ER
Ramps, BP
Red Butter Lettuce, HG
Sandwich Bread, DB
Lip Balm, Peppermint
Lip Balm, Chocolate Peppermint
Lip Balm, Lemon
Lip Balm, Sweet Orange
Bath Tea, Rose
Bath Tea, Eucalyptus
Calming Bath Salts
Foot Soak, Calendula Peppermint
Foot Soak, Lavender Marshmallow
Perfume Roll-on, lavender/rosebud
Perfume Roll-on, Texas rose
Perfume Roll-on, tea tree/citronella
Perfume Roll-on, jasmine/clove bud
Perfume Roll-on, lemon/sandalwood
Perfume Roll-on, lemon/chamomile
Body Lotion, vanilla
Body Lotion, coconut vanilla
Body Lotion, peppermint
Body Lotion, lavender
Lavender Calendula Healing Hand Cream
Lip Gift Set, peppermint
Lip Gift Set, Lemon
Lip Scrub, unscented
Soap, Cucumber Melon Goat Milk
Soap, Coffee Vanilla Shea Butter
Soap, Lavender Rosemary Goat Milk
Soap, Honey Oatmeal Shea Butter
Soap, Lemon Verbena Shea Butter
Soap, Patchouli Shea Butter
Soap, Lavender Honey Shea Butter
Bacon HH
Ham Steak HH
Pork Breakfast Links, Maple, HH
Maple Mustard
Spicy Maple Mustard
Maple Wing Sauce, Sweet and Spicy
Maple Wing Sauce, Hot and Spicy
Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
Hakurei Turnips YC
Radish bunch
Napa Cabbage, YC
Kiss of Kerry Cheddar Cheese
Homesteader Farmers Cheese
Frew Mill Fire Cheese
Meadow Delight Cheese
Mild Cheddar Cheese, Organic
Farmers Cheese, Organic
Coffee Beans, Colombia
Coffee Beans, Costa Rica
Lions Mane Mushrooms
Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Icing, DB
Flaky Biscuits, DB
Blueberry Scones, DB
Radish bunch, YC
Chocolate Toffee Bark, DB
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, DB
Everything Bagel Bread, DB
Creamline Milk
Chocolate Milk
Egg Noodles, CD
Spinach SH
Swiss Chard, CD
Lettuce Mix SH
Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, DB
Fiddlehead Ferns
Whole Chicken, 3.75lb BP
Whole Chicken, 3 lb. BP
Whole chicken, 5 lb. BP
Split Chicken Breast CM
Split Chicken Breast, 2.5 lb BP
Split Chicken Breast, 1.5 lb BP
Chicken Leg/Thigh, 2.5 lb BP
Chicken Wings, appr 3 lb. BP
Radish bunch, GT
Cattail Shoots
Salad Turnips, Mixed YC
Ground Pork, HH
Pork Chops, HH
Eggs, Soy-Free, MF
Ground Beef Patties, CM
Endive, YC
Scallions, SH
Mini Romaine Lettuce, SH
Sweet Italian Sausage HH
Salsa/Hummus Share
Soap, Sandalwood & Honey
Soap, Teakwood Honey
Soap, Bay Rum Honey
Soap, Leather with Honey
Soap, Sweet Tobacco Honey
Soap, Cedar Honey
Soap, Frankincense/Myrrh/Honey
Soap, Fresh Cut Wood
Mushroom Jerky, Maple Cajun
Mushroom Jerky, Teriyaki
Garlic Scapes GT
Garlic Scapes SH
Mushroom Jerky, Peppered
Mushroom Jerky, Chipotle
Garlic Scapes CD
Red Butter Lettuce SH
Green Summer Crisp Lettuce
Summer Squash CD
Kale, Curly GT
Basil HG
Fennel Bulb SH
Radish bunch CD
Ground Beef HH
Garlic Scapes GL
Oak Leaf Lettuce SH
Green Cabbage SH
Hakurei Turnips SH
Collard Greens GT
Beets CD
7 Grain Bread
Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Zucchini CD
Leaf Lettuce Head CD
Curly Kale SH
Colby Longhorn Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Sharp White Cheddar Cheese
Asiago Cheese
Baby Swiss Cheese
Dried Lions Mane Mushrooms
Salsa, Raspberry Lime
Gouda Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Marble Cheese
Farmers Goat Cheese
Mild Cheddar Goat Cheese
Keta Salmon
Alaskan Pollock Fillet
Alaskan Salmon Burgers
Alaskan Salmon Burgers, Feta-Dill
Beef Brisket CM
Bacon MF
Cajun Rope Sausage MF
Sausage, Sweet Italian MF
Canadian Bacon MF
Shoulder Bacon MF
Hot Sausage MF
Pork Spare Ribs MF
Pork Tenderloin MF
Chicken Drumsticks CM 1 lb
Chicken Drumsticks CM 1.5-1.75
Chicken Drumsticks CM 1.75-2
Chard SH
Tomatoes, Cherry SH
Beets, Mixed HB
Basil SH
Lettuce, Romaine SH
Honey, 1 lb. YC
Carrots AB
Tomatoes, CD
Tomatoes, CD
Tomatoes, Heirloom YC
Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf SH
Onion, Yellow SH
Kale, Purple GL
Beans Green/Yellow CD
Red Cabbage SH
Salmon Burgers, Spicy
Pacific Cod Loins
Smoked Salmon
M&M Cookies
Honey, bear jar HB
Maple Breakfast Sausage Links HH
Basil GL