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Winter CSA Week 6 February 15

Posted on February 9th, 2023 by Amy Philson

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us!  It's supposed to be winter, but tree buds are already swelling.  And still the mud!  Do you think we will have more winter, or will spring weather continue for us?

This Week's Features

  • Sausage is back!  Mickley Farm has a couple of pigs at the processor, so Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, and Ground Pork are back in stock.
  • Winter greens from Harmony Grove Farm.  Many varieties are limited quantities because greens don't grow well without sun, so be sure to customize early.

Farm News

A local restaurant is serving this special right now, but how fun would it be to recreate it using items in your CSA share?!?  Steak Lion - thin sliced beef, lions mane mushrooms from Full Moon Mushrooms, sweet potato, greens, quinoa, scallion, horseradish aioli.

Spur Hollow Farm:  We are thinking about the spring and the fresh veggies to come this year!  Hope you all are enjoying the winter season.  We are starting our first plants of the 2023 season in just a couple of weeks! Many new things to come for this growing season, stay tuned to see what we at Spur Hollow Farm are up to!

That's about all of our news for this week.  Our farms may be quiet right now, but there's still lots of activity going on behind the scenes.  My son has been telling me that he can't wait until summer because he misses cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.  He says that store-bought veggies have no flavor, and I believe he's right!

Thank you for continuing to support our local farms during the cold months.