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Week 2 of the Winter CSA

Posted on October 23rd, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

We hope you are enjoying some bonus summer crops here in the first couple weeks of the winter CSA.  As of now, most of our frost sensitive crops (besides basil) are still alive and producing, so we'll keep them coming as we can.  Now is the time to enjoy the sweet and spicy peppers and even preserve some of them by freezing, drying or fermenting! And  I have to tell you that our white diakon, purple diakon, red diakon, and watermelon radish crops are looking FANTASTIC!!! So you'd better start looking for recipes now and dreaming up good ideas because they are the biggest, brightest, and juiciest we've ever grown!

Some general pickup information:  I forgot to mention that when you pick up your share, besides double-checking that the bag of veggies you are about to take is in fact yours, could you please also remove the label with your name and contents?  Some folks find it helpful to keep around so they remember what's in their fridge.  It also helps us if you can remove those labels, so that we don't have to hunt around and remove them each week.  It also helps if they are removed prior to getting wet from rain or snow when they are awaiting us to pick them up.  So, please try to remember to take that label.  It really helps us a lot and prevents mixups from a share having two different labels on it the following week if we don't catch it.

New treat this week are spaghetti squash from Fruitful Hills Farm in northern MO.  For the winter CSA, you'll see maybe two or three items during the season that were not grown on our farm.  These are veggies that we either don't have the room or equipment to grow like these winter squash and potatoes.  We've partnered with Fruitful Hills farm and Pearl Farm to provide a couple of these crops.  These growers are like us in their commitment to using organic practices to grow high quality food.  They just have a lot more acres to grow on than we do.  We're glad to be able to partner with them to utilize some of their strengths.  

Bread and Cheese Available for this week:

Bread: Farm to Market Sourdough Artisan Loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Garlic Dill Curds, 10 oz.

Special this week available as an extra: Duchess Pears from Trails West Farm

Thank you for choosing us to be your farmers,

Dave and Sheri Redfearn