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Winter CSA week 3

Posted on October 30th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Well, we enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted, didn't we?

Your farmers are scrambling to salvage crops before the first real hard freeze.  We're harvesting, and covered in mud.  It's a lot less fun to harvest in this kind of weather.  That's why we'll be glad when we are finished with the outdoor crops and only working in the tunnels.  But we've got several weeks of outdoor harvests ahead of us before we can head inside for harvests.  

This week, you need to be thinking Peppers, peppers, peppers and ginger and turmeric.  We'll be clearing out all the outdoor peppers and many of the peppers inside our unheated caterpillar tunnels this week, so peppers will be in abundance for just this short time.  So be thinking about stocking up on those to chop and freeze and save for later.  We won't have many more weeks of these peppers and fall is the time of abundance.  Similar with ginger and turmeric.  We can protect these for a bit longer in the tunnels but it'll cost a pretty penny to keep it warm enough for them in the tunnel, so we really need to be getting these harvested and out of the ground so we can shut off the heat in there and just grow more spinach and swiss chard and kale, etc.  So we're making a lot of ginger available this week, so don't be shy about stocking up.  You can also freeze ginger and turmeric to save for later.  

We still have an amazing abundance this time of year, so we're really glad you are here to eat it!!!! When we were mostly farmer's market growers it was disheartening to have so much bounty in the fall but to also have that time coincide with a big drop off in farmer's market customers.  Not sure why, but people seem to think the bounty comes in summer, but in reality, THIS is the time for bounty.  So ENJOY!!!  Once the super cold sets in we'll be more into the roots and greens that we promised, but right now there's really too much to choose from and sometimes we are waiting to harvest the more cold hardy crops simply because we can't fit more items in our packing area to pack boxes!

Believe it or not, we're still planting, now mostly in the tunnels but still planting cover crops outside.  We've got a big onion and garlic planting left to do before we can declare outside planting done for the year.  By the end of November we should be done with that.  So one more busy month before things slow down a bit for us and we can simply focus on harvesting for YOU!

Bread and Cheese:

Bread: Farm to Market Rosemary Olive Oil Artisan Loaf

Cheese Share: Hemme Brothers Rubbed and Smoked Cheddar, 6 oz. block

Mystery 3-packs of Hemme Brothers Cheeses will also be available

Thanks for being amazing members, eating with the seasons, and sharing this adventure with us.