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Last CSA Pickup for a couple weeks

Posted on December 12th, 2020 by Dave Redfearn

NEWS FLASH!  This pickup (Dec 17 or 18) is the last pickup of the year!  Yep, say goodbye to 2020!  Good riddance!  We're taking off the week of Christmas and New Years and hope you'll enjoy the season.  Your next CSA pickup will be Jan 7, 2021.  And, not to be too confusing, but for January and February we'll be doing CSA pickups every other week.  So in January and February the pickups will be: Jan 7, Jan 21, Feb 4, Feb 18.  Then we'll be every week for the months of March and April.  There are two reasons for this every other week schedule in Jan and Feb. 1) to give us all a little break so we can focus on homeschool and even get a little vacation in.  And 2) things grow really slowly this time of year with the very short days and cold temps.  It takes more time for those lettuces and greens to grow.  

So, stock up on items you'd like to use to celebrate Christmas or promote yuletide cheer!  Hemme Bros cheese is back!
Bread shares this week:
Artisan: Rosemary Olive Oil
Sliced: Sourdough
Farm Update:
One benefit of being a farmer is occasionally playing with big equipment. Just like as a kid in the sandbox!
We took advantage of the dry weather last week and got some drainage work done. The front field has always been too wet to plant. We’ll see if the 3,000 ft of drain tile we laid by hand will do some good. Paul spent days on end with the laser level to make sure that they went down hill!
Got them covered right before it got muddy!
This project has been on the “someday maybe” list for several years. It feels great to check this one off. We’re normally too busy farming in summer when it’s dry enough to trench the field. Glad for the late fall dry spell. Ok, ready for the rain now. And looking forward to a Christmas break.
Thanks for making us your farmers and Merry Christmas!
Dave and Sheri