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September 17th Farm Happening

Posted on September 6th, 2020 by Dave Redfearn

Did you miss us?  We hope you got your veggies ok without us.  We're enjoying mountain-climbing adventures here in CO.  

Normally we do our field walks to determine our harvest estimates on Saturday but since we're out of town we had to do that well in advance making the prediction for this week even more difficult.  That being said, don't be too disappointed if we have to do some substitutions this week if we run short on something we thought would be ready but isn't.  Thanks for bearing with us as we enjoy the first summer vacation we've ever taken since beginning our CSA farm!

I wanted to give you a bit more detail about the winter CSA especially since we are doing some new pickup locations and styles this year.  

There are basically five "styles" of pickup this year.  

1) On farm in person pickups on Thursdays.  Sheri will have your box pre-packed based upon your Harvie selections and she'll find it for you.  You'll take the liner bag and go home happy with a bag filled with fresh veggies.  If you can't make it in time, your share will go into the cooler and you can pick up like option 2.

2) On farm self-serve Fridays (or really Saturday or Sundays for that matter).  This pickup option is the same as the summer.  Your pre-boxed share will be in the cooler at the farm.  Come and get it whenever you want.  Leave the empty flip-top crate outside the cooler and go your merry way.

3) Parking lot pickups.  We've got one in Lee's Summit and one in Brookside.  These are limited-time pickups because Dave has to leave there at a specific time to make it to the next drop site.  If you can't make the pickup in time, Dave will bring your share back to the farm and you can pick up in the cooler like option 2.

4) Porch pickups: These are new to us this year though lots of CSA's across the country primarily operate this way.  Some generous CSA members have arranged to host the shares.  The shares will be left on their porch or driveway and you can pick them up during the time window provided in Harvie.  Since Dave will be dropping off  a bunch of boxes at each site, the pickup time windows can be longer, however the downside is that if you miss your pickup time window, there won't be an option to pick it up at the farm.  The share will be left with the host family to eat or give to neighbors. It won't be brought back to the farm.

5) Office pickup: we have a chiropractor who has graciously offered to host shares in her office.  This will work similar to a porch pickup.  The shares will be housed in the office behind the receptionist desk.  Just tell them you are with the CSA and go find your box.  If you miss the time window, same problem as option 4 above, so keep that in mind.  

For the option 4 or 5 pickup styles, you can always move your pickup location in Harvie to the farm self-serve or something if you need to.  In all cases, you'll leave the flip-top crate behind at the pickup site.

Dates and times for pickup and more info about the winter CSA can be found here:  

Remember, your secret early chance to sign up starts at 8AM September 18th.  We expect slots to fill us quickly so be thinking about whether you want to join in advance.  We want you to be able to continue to get veggies all winter from us.  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Dave and Sheri