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Farm Happenings for September 10, 2020

Posted on September 5th, 2020 by Dave Redfearn

Sometimes you just have to get away!  This week we'll be headed to the mountains of CO to do some outdoorsy family hiking.  We've not been back to our (second) favorite state for 10 years since we started farming.  With a farm like ours it's pretty hard to get away, but thanks to some help, we're going to do it!  It's a little scary and we've been working double-time to get things prepared but we hope the farm survives without us for a few days.

While we're away, we've got a great crew that will be taking care of the place and getting your veggies to you.  Pickups will be occurring at normal times and places, just expect to see new friendly faces (I'll let you be the judge if they are on par with the beauty and overall stunning handsomeness of the faces you normally see), and please be patient as they try to figure out the drill.  We're so grateful for their willingness to serve our family and all of you to allow us to get a break!  Let's make them glad they did it.  I know you will!

So, this week and next we're trying to do our best to set everyone up for success.  Since Sheri won't be here to master the harvest and make changes on the fly, we're limiting the amount of extras available.  Just letting you know why there may not be as many choices this week.  Hopefully Harvie built you a box to your liking.

NOW FOR THE NEWS YOU'VE BEEN WATING FOR.....Winter CSA details are now available here:

We have a special secret for you: Winter CSA signups FOR YOU will be available on Sept 18th at 8AM 

We'll send you a reminder when the signups open along with more info next week, but if you want to guarantee you get a spot, set a reminder and go to the link above at 8AM Sept 18th.   I know the test says it won't open until the 20th, but that's to give you a head start.  Don't tell all your friends unless they're already CSA members.  It's our little secret!

Thanks so much for being part of our community!  It's the veggie money you give us each week that's putting gas in the van to get us to CO and back!  

Thank you!

Dave and Sheri