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Posted on September 19th, 2020 by Dave Redfearn

We're back!  Thanks for bearing with us while we were away!  Thanks to the help of some amazing friends, we were able to enjoy an entire week off the farm for the first time since we started!  

If you didn't get the message, THE WINTER CSA IS ALMOST FULL!  If you want to keep receiving fresh veggies all winter long, and you haven't yet signed up, then you'd better sign up now!  You can sign up for the winter CSA here.  We're 3/4 full as of Saturday 9/19 (less than 36 hours after opening up for signup).  We'll most likely be full before you see this message a second time on Wednesday, so don't delay!  Thanks so much for everyone's support!  We're truly blessed!  We wish we could grow enough winter produce for all of you, but the winter CSA is limited because space is limited and things just don't grow very fast in the short days of winter...but they do grow and they're delicious!

Whether or not you are signed up for the winter CSA, we've still got 5 more weeks of the summer main season CSA, so there's time to enjoy the fall veggies.  Just to reiterate, the main CSA season continues until October 22nd to 24th.  You'll notice that the options have really opened up this week as now the cool season crops are finally producing in quantity.  This is the time when most gardens are winding down, but we are really spooling up.  The fields are absolutely packed right now with crops!

FYI: we're planning on doing a sweet potato harvest again this Thursday 9/24 afternoon/evening.  If you want to come help it's a lot of fun.  Anytime between 2 and 7 pm we'll be pulling the vines, and grabbing sweet potatoes after we plow them up with the tractor.  If you'd like to come for part or all of the time, just email and let us know.  If you normally pick up your share at another day or location, you can pick up your share after we finish harvesting.  We just need to know you are coming so we get it packed and ready for you.  We'll have other sweet potato harvests, probably weekly for the next two or three weeks depending on soil conditions.  

Enjoy the fall weather!

Dave and Sheri