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Week 20 -- Last week!

Posted on October 24th, 2022 by Kristine Hammel

Well, we've arrived at the last week of the season!

What a season! With occasional rains, it was a dry from May right through to October. This was new. In the past, droughts have lasted 6 to 8 weeks ish. But this year, despite the occasional sprinkle of rain, it was dry for very long. It's challenging. Especially when simultaneously understaffed like most other organizations across the country. Fortunately, years of focusing on soil health, carried us through. The soil was able to absorb every drop of rain and hold onto it for the plants. Lots of mulch prevented loss of water to evapouration. Yes, there were some disappointments, but many crops pulled through beautifully. I am astounded on how focusing on health and nurturing the soil provides more resilience than getting sucked into a mentality of fighting individual problems.

I hope you have enjoyed the veg this season. Perhaps rediscovered your favourites. Maybe found a new delight. Spent time cooking and eating with family and friends. I hope that taking the time to nurture yourself and loved ones is fostering your resilience in turbulent times.