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Week 4 -- July 4th

Posted on July 4th, 2022 by Kristine Hammel

The cauliflower is beautiful!

Let's hope the deer doesn't find the second bed. It did discover the first bed and clearly enjoyed it. Fortunately, we don't plant all of a particular crop together -- we mix it up! So the next bed of cauliflower is several beds away, with potatoes and other crops in between to distract and discourage the enthusiasms of not just dear but also insects and diseases. It's not 100% effective but it certainly helps!

This week is the calm before the storm. The summer planting and seeding storm arrives next week. It'll be time to seed autumn carrots and plant the first round of autumn cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli (far away from the current plantings, so hopefully the deer won't find those either!). This week, we'll be pruning and trellising tomatoes (which look great!), giving the peppers and celery & celeriac a  little extra love with a potent stinging nettle & comfrey tea, plus weeding and mulching. Onwards!