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Week 19 -- Autumn has arrived

Posted on October 18th, 2021 by Kristine Hammel

After weeks of very warm weather, cooler weather has arrived! Some of the cilantro and lettuce actually bolted last week -- that means it started flowering. This isn't unusual in the heat of the summer (like June and July), but is pretty unusual for October. Cooler temperatures are great for most of the produce, which prefers the cooler and moister conditions of autumn. A frost will also sweeten up the crops, especially the carrots! It's a little bit colder for our fingers, but that's okay. It makes the hot coffee at break time that much better.

Our hens have been enjoying the warm autumn outside on pasture. They are laying lots of eggs! So, we have a special on eggs this week and next! $5.99/dozen

This is the second last week of the season! We may run extra weeks in November, depending on the weather (which will decide if there is anything left in the field to harvest and whether harvesting is feasible).