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Week 8

Posted on August 2nd, 2021 by Kristine Hammel

Welcome August!

After a wet July, this first week of August is looking great -- sunny and warm! There are several crops that are really going to appreciate that, especially the tomatoes and cucumbers! The tomatoes are a bit late this year, after the late spring frost killed the crop and we were fortunate to find another set of tomatoes and replanted them. But they look to be on their way shortly. And it will be a very different mix of tomatoes than I have grown in the past. There will be Sun Golds (those little orange cherries) and paste tomatoes, along with some slicers. Plus a whole lot of surprises! We are also trying some new cucumber varieties, including little yellow, heirlooms. Oskar has sampled a few early ones and they are delicious. Hopefully, sunny warm days will encourage the plants along! And beans! Yes, they also got nipped by the frost and have been biding their time during rainy days. But they will be in shares this week!

Fortunately, the fall crops are establishing well, thanks to all the rain this past month! And we will soon be harvesting the onions and curing them in the greenhouse, while planting the rest of the season's crops, including kohlrabi, turnips, rapini, lots of lettuce, chicories, beets and seeding radish and arugula. The greenhouses are actually pretty full right now! And so is the field -- happy eating!