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Starting seeds

Posted on March 16th, 2021 by Kristine Hammel

Seeds have arrived, the germination chamber is full, tiny seedlings are emerging.

There is the excitement of the dreams of a coming growing season.

Possibilities and hopes.

And the challenges of working within the current seed, agriculture and food system, while seeing many of its problems and trying to work toward
something better.

I have been learning about seeds and their stories and relationships from Rowen White (you can find her on Instagram). Check out her beautiful posts and deeply challenging and nourishing writing.

We have done very little seed saving on our farm so far. Between growing veggies and children, I have had little capacity to delve into this journey. I have saved seed potatoes -- I have found that an easy start.

This past year, we experimented with trying to save bean seeds. If success is measured by the crops we can plant this year, the project was
a failure. If success is more about our learning and the hours of joy my kids have had threshing and playing with the bean seeds, then we are
well on our journey! We'll continue this year.

It will take many years to regrow the skills, knowledge and relationships needed for seed keeping. One step at a time!