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CSA Week 10

Posted on June 18th, 2021 by Conrad Cable

Good afternoon members!

I hope y'all are having a great week! We have had a productive week at the farm! Thanks to local food fans like you, we were able to automate the watering system for our field blocks. This time of year, we have to water each block for 15 minutes, 3 times a day to ensure that plants don't get sunburnt. We are not always successful, but this tool makes the task a lot easier! We were also able to upgrade some of our caterpillar tunnels to have open ends which means, no more bending over to enter them. It is nice when carrying 30 lbs of veggies, or rolling the wheelbarrow. Lastly, we purchased the supplies to start enclosing and insulting our wash and pack station, so that we may dry the vegetables in a more controlled environment. None of these improvements would have been possible without the support from our CSA members. YOU ROCK!

This week, there will be enough beets for everyone's share. They will come topped, and bagged. There are some gold and some red, so y'all will most likely get a mixture of both. I will be adding even more blackberries to this week's share, which is exciting! There is always the chance some might be mixed with blueberries if we don't have enough. The same deal remains that if we do not have enough berries, we will reach out about swapping, or adding a blackberry jam to your share. We also have a few cherry tomatoes beginning, plus more cucumbers. Our celery is really taking off, so I will be adding that to everyone's share, but you can always customize and swap it for something else. We use it a lot like parsley. I love the leaf celery for meatballs, stir frys, and as a garnish for soup. 

For extras this week, peaches and tomatoes are on! I will be picking up some local tomatoes at the farmers market. I'm not sure what the price will be, but I think that a $4 serving, like with the peaches, will be fine for most folks. It is the first week for tomatoes, so I will only be able to add 8 total servings to the inventory. 

Fiesta folks have rocked pick ups, so please keep up the great job! Home delivery folks, please remember your ice chest. Also, we would be interested to know if home delivery would be best for folks in the mornings, or evenings. We are currently planning our Fall CSA, and we are thinking about adding an evening delivery option. Check your shares next week for a short survey! 

Thanks for doing what y'all do. By making a commitment to supporting local farmers, and cooking some delicious food you are having a big impact! Have a great weekend! We are looking forward to celebrating Juneteenth!


Conrad Cable