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CSA Week 9

Posted on June 11th, 2021 by Conrad Cable

Good evening to all of you wonderful local foodies, 

Summer might be here, but salad never goes out of style. We have a new spin on our salad mix this week, as we harvested pea shoots from our first planting. Pea shoots taste like a cross between the pea flower and a young shelled pea. They are also super nutritious. Please let us know your thoughts about the new mix!

Our cucumber plants are finally producing more, but unfortunately squash beetles are not being kind to our zucchini. This week, we harvested the last of our potato crop, ahh the digging is over! Chanterelle mushrooms are also in season. Chanterelle mushrooms are one of the most prized wild, culinary mushrooms. Their high sugar content makes them caramelize when sautéed. They have such a wonderful apricot/earthy flavor. There will be $5 mushroom bags for the shares, but if you want to add them on from the extras, I will have a $10 bag available for add ons. 

Crop planning is now ongoing for the Fall CSA season, so please send us any vegetables you would like to see in future CSAs. Now that we have more bed space, I'm going to be able to focus on adding consistent cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and bok choys to the shares. We will also have a large crop of fall tomatoes. 

One last note-our blackberries aren't doing as well as I thought, and we are also having a lot of bird pressure. Often, the inventory I input on Fridays will not be harvested until Monday. Just a heads up for everyone getting blackberries, if we don't have enough blackberries for your shares, I will make sure to reach out about substituting one of our small batch jams for any berry shares we can't pull. Also, some of the berries might come in a mixed container with blueberries added. 

It's going to hit 95 degrees this week, so home delivery folks please don't forget to leave an ice chest! Remember Fiesta that your only pick up is Tuesday! 

Thank you all for supporting our dreams to grow food. 


Conrad Cable