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Miracle Snapdragons!

Posted on May 5th, 2019 by Pam Dysinger

Handing the bouquet of snapdragons to a young boy I asked, "Have you ever heard a miracle story?" I looked a little bewildered as he sheepishly said, "No."  "Well, these are miracle snapdragons!" I asked him if he wanted to hear the story and he nodded his hid head in agreement. I went on to tell him a bit of what John shared in last weeks, "What's Happening." One little point makes the difference between .7 and 7pounds. It was Boron a mineral that we use sparingly on our 30x50ft. garden pads.  One of our interns mistakenly missed the "point" and applied 7 lbs of Boron on 2 of our pads.  One was full of lettuce and the other with flowers.  Our soil consultant told us there was good and bad news. The good news was it was a temporary problem that would not cause long term soil imbalances.  The bad news was that all the plants would probably die...we asked God for mercy...4 weeks later Kelli has harvested dozens of beautiful bouquets of snapdragons and you have all received beautiful heads of mini lettuce from those pad.  John talked to our soil consultant again last week and he said it was the worst Boron mistake he had ever heard of.  Miracles DO still happen, and we feel so privileged to work in cooperation with the Creator of heaven and earth.