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Thanks for a Great Season! (Farm Happening for 9/10/19)

Posted on September 7th, 2019 by Pam Dysinger

It’s hard to believe we have come to the end of another Spring/Summer CSA! For most of you, this is your last delivery!  (For those who missed the 4th of July, you have one more delivery next Thursday.)  Every season has it’s successes and failures.  Our big success this season was lettuce in almost every delivery.  Hats off to my husband (John) who worked hard to make that a reality! I don’t think we had any significant failures but the okra didn’t do as well as usual, nor were we really happy with the melons.  But, we hope you enjoyed it and if so there is no need to stop!!  We will be moving seamlessly into the Fall/Winter season and there will soon be cool-weather delicacies coming your way (The cool weather is coming, right?).  I’ll give you a little heads up: Our carrots (which are an amazing winter treat) are looking fabulous.  We have a thick stand that promises a wonderful crop (it’s still quite a ways from maturity though, so don’t get too anxious)!  Joshua and Kelli will be serving you through the winter while John, Caleb and I do some other catch-up around the farm.


Thanks for a great season!



PS Look for an end-of-season survey coming soon. We value your feedback, and want to do whatever we can to make the CSA fit your needs and lifestyle even better!