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Customized Boxes Made Easy

Posted on July 28th, 2019 by Pam Dysinger

Many of you have wondered if the customized boxes have added a lot of work for us and the answer is NO.  Here is how it works.  Joshua makes a list of the produce that will be available this week.  When we send the email this morning it will automatically customize your boxes based on your preferences and then you will have the option to swap out or add additional items. On the day of delivery we print out a pick list that tells us how many of each item we need to harvest.  That pick list is organized by weight and the order in which things should be placed into the boxes...simple!  We line up 3 tables with the produce lined up on the back and one person calls out the items while the other pushes the box along the front of the table packing the box.  At the end of the table we stick the label on...DONE...In the van it goes. It takes approximately 1 minutes to pack each boxes which is no more than before we were customizing the boxes. So enjoy the customization knowing it is a win for you and us too!