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A Day of Fun!! (6/14/20)

Posted on June 14th, 2020 by Pam Dysinger

The Spring rush (April & May) is always a rather intense time, and this year was worse than normal with storms and our irrigation pond draining.  But, at the end of it we always take our inters for a day of canoeing on the Buffalo River where we have floated for the last 25 years.  There are cliffs to jump from, caves to explore, waterfalls to enjoy, good food to eat and a great rope swing.   At the cliffs a jumper lost his go pro and in answer to our prayers God helped us to find it. There was much laughter as Farmer John leaped from our boat and overturned the girls who were blissfully passing by. The day ended on a high note and all were refreshed and rejuvenated from the recreation!