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Never a Dull Moment!

Posted on May 10th, 2020 by Pam Dysinger

Ever have your world turned upside down? Last Sunday afternoon (3rd) at 4:27 a powerful, and to most of us very unexpected, thunderstorm hit our farm with winds of 70+ MPH. The good news is that all humans and their houses on the farm are safe; the bad news is that the chicken and vegetable houses didn’t fare so well. Two hoop houses destroyed, two caterpillar tunnels damaged and our tomato house topless. The chickens literally had their world turned upside down - but ours wasn’t! We are praising the Lord that no one was hurt (some were outside when it hit), that there was not more damage, and no loss of crops! What we thought would be about $5,000 worth of damage has turned out to be only about $1,500 so we are extremely grateful and have been working hard to repair all the damage.

Our amazing interns pitched right in and helped with the clean up!

We got the plastic back on the tomato house late Friday, just in

time for a frosty night!