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Carrot Top Pesto Time

Posted on March 23rd, 2024 by Dave Redfearn

If you didn't get carrots last week, you missed out.  We've cleared out the storage carrots that we harvested last winter and now we are harvesting fresh spring carrots from our unheated high tunnels. They're a little small yet, but every week they are getting bigger, and right now, they have great tops that you can use in soups or pestos, so enjoy!  

Spinach is looking really good and plentiful and the replanted lettuces after the super cold January are about to start yielding bountifully so we should see increases in the availability of salad mix over the next couple weeks.  Other quick growing greens like tatsoi and arugula are growing nicely and the Swiss chard is looking fantastic.  Oh, and the radishes are going crazy now too, so don't miss those. The leeks are gorgeous.  They were planted in early fall and we covered them up for the cold parts of the winter outside and now is the time of the harvest.  Once we've harvested all of them this spring, we won't have them again until next year.  Those are a labor of love.  We seed them in June and usually finish up harvesting in Late April, so we were tending some of those leeks for 300 days (seedling to crockpot).  

The cooldown we are experiencing now is nothing out of the ordinary, though it does feel like a shock to the system.  We have to remember that those February and early March temperatures were extremely unusual, and now we're back to normal.  We have begun some of our first outdoor plantings of cold hardy crops, but we're watching the weather and will probably be covering those for one or two of the cold nights coming up.  We're almost ready to plant out a few thousand brocolini starts but we'll wait until things warm up a bit to put those in the ground.  

The cherry tomatoes are safely planted in a heated high tunnel, so they don't mind the cold.  They're growing nicely and should be on track to produce at the very beginning of the summer CSA in early May.  Just a reminder, if you go to your deliveries tab on your Harvie account and you don't see future delivery dates going through May to October, then you are not yet signed up for the summer season and your final delivery will be May 2nd.   


Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market 8-Grain Sliced loaf

Hemme Brothers "Brother's Keeper" block 

Have a great week,

Dave and Sheri