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Thanksgiving Veggies THIS week!

Posted on November 11th, 2023 by Dave Redfearn

This is the last week before Thanksgiving, so it's time to stock up for your Thanksgiving feast!  We're putting lots of cooking greens on this week including spinach, kale, collards, and chard.  Also, we've got lots of sweet potatoes and absolutely gorgeous salad turnips, which are great raw or cooked.  This may be the final week for sweet peppers, so stock up on those to freeze.  We're making available larger quantities of soft and a bit shriveled sweet peppers that are great to roast and then freeze as well as smaller quantities of fresh-eating firmer peppers. Ginger is coming toward the end, but I think we'll be able to continue with it up toward mid-December.  Lettuce mix is looking great as well!

Don't forget NO CSA Thanksgiving week! We're taking the week off enjoying time with family as I'm sure many of you will be as well, so you'll need to stock up on veggies to last the extra week.  

We're enjoying this incredible November weather gathering in the storage root crops like carrots, beets and diakons and working on the next high tunnel construction project.  This week and next look absolutely amazing!  I hope you get a chance to enjoy the outdoors before winter really sets in.

Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market Sourdough Large Sliced 

Hemme Brothers Garlic- Dill Curds 

So thankful for you,

Dave and Sheri