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Final Winter CSA

Posted on April 16th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

First off, thank you!  Thank you for literally keeping the lights on and the heat on at the farm all winter long.  You've experienced the changing of the seasons with us from the extreme bounty of early winter (Remember all that ginger and all those peppers) to the more limited crop selection of early spring.  We've made it through the winter together!  And it's finally looking like spring for real this time.  This winter season we had a very mild winter to start which allowed the fall bounty to continue longer than normal, then an average winter and a pretty cool early spring which has made spring come late this year.  Every growing season is different and this winter didn't disappoint.  It snowed nearly every Thursday throwing CSA deliveries into confusion, but you bore with us!  Thanks again for your flexibility. 

I suppose by now, you've noticed that tying your life to agriculture even in this small way through our CSA, chips away just a little at the sense of instant gratification our modern life has ingrained in us.  Not everything is there at a click of a button.  There is a thing called seasonality.  The best things in life are worth waiting for.  For everything there is a season. 

Did you finally learn to love diakon radish? No? How about Jerusalem artichokes, dandelion greens, or komatsuna (that last one can send you downs some interesting Google searches if you don't spell it just right)?  Roots and greens are pretty much what we're left with this time of year.  Did you survive?  Is your fridge bursting with leaves?

If you just couldn't wait and snagged some out-of-season tomatoes from COSTCO this winter, we won't judge...but we hope their tasteless flesh they made you look forward to REAL tomatoes this summer:).  

So thanks, for going through the anti-growing season with us.  I can bet that not many of your friends or neighbors would have been willing to do what you've done.  You're almost like an old-time pioneer, braving the unknown and living off the land.  Just like them, we can be glad that we all survived the winter and spring is in the air!

This pickup April 21 is the final winter CSA delivery.

If you are part of the summer CSA, then those deliveries will start the following week (the 28th through 30th).  If you aren't sure, click on the "deliveries" tab in Harvie to see if you have future deliveries going into summer.  Also check to see your delivery location because many summer delivery locations do not coincide with winter locations.  We'll also sent out a season kickoff email earlier today (4/16) to summer CSA members with more details.

Bread and Cheese

Bread: Farm to Market 8- Grain sliced Loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Applewood Smoked Cheddar, 6oz. block 


Your farmers,

Dave and Sheri